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Do you know a young person struggling to sleep at night?
Then you need our beautiful Sleepy Whale children’s crystal set lovingly put together with carefully chosen crystals to aid a peaceful nights sleep.

This set comes with the Optional Sleepy Whale plush to snuggle up to at night, and the crystal set includes the following crystals, explained as;

Amethyst; to help me relax.
Flourite; to help me fall to sleep.
Opilite; to help stop any bad dreams.

This is the perfect gift for a young person who struggles to sleep at night. We also recommend, if purchased with Sleepy Whale, using this crystal set alongside the relaxing sounds of the sea and whale songs. The perfect combination for a young child to listen to Sleepy Whale singing with his friends as they drift off to a calm and peaceful nights sleep.

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This is a children’s crystal set to aid a peaceful nights sleep.

Each set comes in a midnight blue velvet plush pouch along with a card that reads;

  • Amethyst – to help me relax
  • Flourite – to help me fall asleep
  • Opilite – to help stop any bad dreams

You are able to purchase two variable options of this set;

One option includes a plush whale, and a velvet pouch containing the crystals listed along with a card detailing the purpose of each crystal. The cost for this option is £19.99

Alternatively you may purchase the set as above but excluding the plush whale which costs £8.99

Please be Aware: Very young children/babies should not be given crystals to play with or for crystals to be placed within their reach and children of all ages may require adult supervision when handling crystals.

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Crystal Set with Plush Whale

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